Recap: PayPal PLUS Discontinued, Transition to PayPal Checkout with Magento 1?

Exactly one year ago, in October 2022, there were significant changes to PayPal PLUS that affected online shop owners. These changes had a substantial impact on the way payments were processed in online stores. In this recap, we’d like to remind you of these changes and also highlight our solution for Magento 1, which continues to support you in transitioning to PayPal Checkout.

The Past: PayPal PLUS Changes in October 2022

In October of last year, PayPal discontinued support for PayPal PLUS. This meant that online merchants had to find a new solution to continue offering trusted payment options to their customers. The transition was a challenge for many, as PayPal PLUS was widely used and popular in many German online shops.

The Present: PayPal Checkout as an Alternative

In response to the discontinuation of PayPal PLUS, PayPal introduced PayPal Checkout. This new solution continues to provide a wide range of payment options for your customers, including the popular option of paying by invoice. With PayPal Checkout, you can ensure that your customers can shop conveniently and confidently with you.

Our Solution: Mage-One with PayPal Checkout for Magento 1 Users

For Magento 1 users who are still using the platform and wish to utilize PayPal Checkout, our Mage-One module offers an effective solution. This module enables a seamless integration of PayPal Checkout into Magento 1 stores, allowing you to continue offering payment options like invoicing while benefiting from the advantages of PayPal Checkout.

Your Alternative: All-in-One Payment Solutions

If you want to offer additional payment methods alongside PayPal Checkout, you also have the option to turn to all-in-one payment solutions such as Mollie or PAYONE. These platforms enable you to offer a variety of payment methods in your online store while benefiting from user-friendly integration and processing.


The changes to PayPal PLUS one year ago have shifted the focus to PayPal Checkout, allowing you to continue offering familiar payment options to your customers while benefiting from modern payment solutions. For Magento 1 users, our Mage-One module is ready to facilitate the transition. Alternatively, you can opt for all-in-one payment solutions to offer a variety of payment methods.