Shopware cooperates with Mage One

When support for Magento 1 is discontinued in June 2020, thousands of Magento 1 customers worldwide will be left with questions about how to continue.

One of the options is to switch to a new shop system. And one – especially in the European area – is Shopware.

Shopware has just released a new version. Shopware 6: Just like Magento 1 and Magento 2, the change from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 is a system change. The technology is new. And the magic word is “migration”.

It is unrealistic to assume that all Magento 1 merchants who have looked at Shopware 6 and recognized it as the system of their choice will be able to make the relaunch to the end of support.

Shopware therefore cooperates with Mage One and offers premium and enterprise customers who are willing to switch to Mage One to cover the costs for Mage One for half a year. That means: you can buy a little time. The relaunch can therefore be completed with peace of mind.

So if you would like to switch to Shopware – simply contact the Shopware sales team and ask for the conditions. Community customers also have the opportunity to get a little support.