Partner and Company is founded

It’s been way too long we didn’t talk!

But we were very busy, pushing Mage One forward for you. So here’s our latest update!

First of all: Our company has been founded!

Therefore we could conclude our first partner agreements and are now happy to present our first partners. We also finalized the basic contracts and are now already in a position to make contracts with you.


With our partners it is important to us that we want to work together to keep Magento 1 running safely and sustainably.

Webscale: Webscale is the leader in converged software for hyperscale cloud automation and managed hosting. Webscale customers can benefit from an integrated MageOne subscription. Thank you for taking care of keeping Magento 1 installations safe!

OneStepCheckout: OneStepCheckout is the leading extension that have helped over 20,000 Magento 1 stores to simplify their checkout and increase sales. Thank you for taking care of keeping your Magento 1 extension safe and sustainable for all your Magento 1 customers.

You can find our partners on our website:

If you are interested in our partner program: we look forward to hearing from you:

Next steps

Next, we will complete our platform so that it will be possible to sign contracts with us before June 2020.

We are in talks with further hosting partners, payment providers and agencies for whom a continuation of Magento 1 is also very important. Especially we’re looking into a final word about your PCI compliance if you’re using Mage One.

We are still looking for a solution for all those enterprise customers who ask us.

We are in discussion with other e-commerce software providers, so that projects that want to migrate to other systems can “buy” a little more time. Our first partner is Shopware. So if you have plans to migrate to Shopware, you can also contact us, and we will be happy to inform you about our cooperation with Shopware.

We will continue to inform you about all news in our newsletter! Stay tuned!