Webinar – EOL Magento 1 and Mage One

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Also sometimes no desire to read at all?

That’s what “webinars” are for. To look at. To listen. Ask questions. Done.

And we now have two you can attend. One in German and one in English.

And what is it about and who tells what?

That’s easy:

That’s Magento 1.

As you probably know, Magento 1 will no longer receive security updates from Adobe itself from July 2020 and will be left on its own.

That’s Mage One.

Mage One will take over the support from July 2020 and thus Magento 1 is no longer left alone and merchants can continue to operate their shop.

That’s Rico.

Rico likes to talk and that’s good. Because in this webinar he will tell you a lot about why security patches are important, what you can actually do with your Magento 1 shop (get rid of it or keep it), what such a relaunch to Magento 2 or another system means and what “buying time” actually means.

That’s you.

You are not only allowed to listen, but also to ask questions. Because the whole thing takes place live, so that Rico can answer your questions directly.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

And these are the dates:

Webinar 1 (DE)Webinar 2 (EN)
Who?Payone together
with Mage One
Mage One
When?27.03.2020, 11am CET
01.04.2020, 10pm CET
(show other timezones)
How?Online (browser-based,
no download necessary!)
Zoom (plugin/download required)

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